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Why Haute-Couture?

The term “Haute-Couture” is a French word. It literally means “high sewing” and is used to describe clothing meticulously constructed by hand from start to finish. It is made from high quality fabrics and extreme attention to detail. It appears effortlessly chic but is the result of months of hard work, care and precision.


With this Haute-Couture package :

We will be there for you every step of the way to ensure your wedding is a smooth, enjoyable journey from start to finish. Linda Mischa will be your dedicated adviser helping you with every detail from selecting personalized invitations to finding the perfect location. Our team will listen carefully to understand your style, needs, personality and budget.We will begin painting the picture of your dream wedding and align it to who you are as a couple.We will then leverage our local knowledge and expertise to identify professionals and artists that are a perfect match. We will manage your big day to ensure flawless coordination allowing you to relax and create lasting memories.