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Linda is beyond professional, detail-oriented, Type-A, well versed, and just an all-around fun person to be around. Our wedding was beautiful because she anticipated what was needed, worked thoroughly to ensure all points were covered, had an eye for design, and worked with our vendors in a collaborative manner.

She’s so good at her job. She’s the most talented person I’ve found in this field and I will sing her praises to anyone who is getting married. Weddings are stressful. She takes the stress out of it and listens, reassures, and makes magic happen. We LOVE her! - Melissa & Noel


What awesome things can we say about Linda that haven’t been said already? We had a beautiful wedding at Charles Krug Winery in Napa this past week. We had about 9 months from engagement to the day to get it all figured out (so it was a bit tighter of a schedule). First thing we did was interview local SF/Napa wedding planners. We had multiple phone calls and candidates but Linda stood out most for her friendliness, knowledge, professionalism, attentiveness, straightforward nature, and experience/aesthetic for the French elegance approach to weddings. She did not come on too strong and try to be that “fake friend” which was a vibe we got immediately on the phone from other planners (you’ll see what I mean!). We felt Linda immediately grasped the nature of the wedding we were trying to have and had lots of advice and direction for us from the beginning.

We did a lot of research online on venues and in fact, it was on her recommendation that we check out Charles Krug (despite it not being on our list) that we got lucky enough to find the venue that was perfect for us. Wouldn’t have happened without her.

After this, we had tons of emails back and forth about all the photographers, videographers, caterers, rental companies, and million other details that need to be figured out leading up to the day. Linda was very good about taking our budget and sending us a VERY detailed spreadsheet for each vendor category necessary (from this we would then get her back our shortlist and take it from there). She was also really good about reviewing contracts and negotiating with vendors that we had found ourselves (for example, booking a photographer we had worked with at a previous wedding instead of a local Napa one). We did a handful of trips out to Napa to do tastings/site visits. Yes this is probably overkill but we are pretty detail oriented and it gave us an excuse to take a “forced” vacation.

Linda was always available to either take us to the vendors or direct us for stuff to do on our own time. I don’t know how many email responses we received back from her in the middle of the night to our questions about wedding stuff. She made us feel like we were the only wedding she was planning. 

And most of all……she’s super nice and friendly! She is the perfect person to have in your corner through the whole (often stressful) process. She never made us feel like we were bothering her by emails/phone calls (even though I know we probably were!).

Many of our wedding vendors said she is among the top planners they have ever worked with based on her super detail oriented nature, friendliness, elegant approach to weddings, and respectful nature when it comes to suggesting things but not “stepping on an artist’s toes”. We had a smaller budget to start and she worked with us. She was cognizant of when we were pushing our budget and she would gently roll us back in with suggestions. We still ended up spending more as our budget was able to grow but she was excellent about not “blowing” our money, and using it in high quality and high yield ways. I can go on and on but she’s awesome and was the perfect person to help us through the process. She’s super talented and definitely a star in the wedding planning scene in Napa. We can’t thank her enough for everything - Sara & Ramsen

Linda is incredibly organized, thoughtful, detail-oriented, and attuned to the emotional aspect of weddings. Our wedding was logistically complex (3 different locations across 12 hours), tri-cultural (Chinese, Indian and American components) and there were also sensitive family dynamics - all of which she handled with aplomb.

She also was able to navigate my changing thoughts and plans and quickly adjusted to what I liked and didn't like without being pushy, and despite some last minute complications, kept her calm and professionalism. My friends consider me obsessively detail-oriented and outstanding at planning, but I have to say that Linda is one of the few people who puts me to shame - in a good way!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with her, and my husband, who is never one to offer praise unless merited by his [very] high standards, was nearly effusive in his praise of Linda. We highly recommend anyone to work with her - you will not regret it. - Kate & Nirav



The only downside to going with Linda is that you will miss her when it's over! Where can I even begin to explain how amazing Linda is?! Our wedding was a little over 2 weeks ago and friends/family are still raving about how beautiful of an event it was. From the moment I first spoke to Linda about a year ago I could tell that she had an eye for design, organization, and beauty, which is exactly what I was looking for as I booked her around the time of the planning stage when you realize that you can't do it alone. I was looking for a partner and that's exactly what she was! She helped me choose key vendors based on my vision, including coming with me to meetings and always using her honesty when maybe something wasn't right for me or what we were looking for. She always accommodated my corporate work schedule even if it meant a meeting on a lunch break, no problem for her!

Throughout the planning Linda was always responsive to anything I needed, from important details to maybe a random idea I needed consulting on, she was available no questions asked. Communication is essential through this process and it is a strong suit for her. We even had some hiccups with a vendor I had booked prior to meeting Linda, but she was still able to take over and navigate the situation whatever came her way. Linda thought of every detail you can think of and somehow manages to keep track of all of them while communicating them with anybody who needs to know. She handled everything day-of (which I'm sure was a separate event in itself) all while maintaining her grace and charm. This is not her first rodeo!

But most importantly, aside from her professionalism and ability to plan a great wedding, what really makes Linda a joy to work with is her personality. She is not stuffy nor does she try to push anything onto you (like a lot of people in the wedding industry can do), but instead she just genuinely wants you to give you the wedding you want and treats it like her own. Anytime I hear about how great the wedding was, I think of Linda. I truly could not have done it without her. If you're lucky enough to have Linda plan your wedding, you will not be disappointed! - Nyara & Steve

I don't even know where I should start to write a worthy comment about the "best wedding planner on the planet" - stealing the word from my newly married husband. In short, Linda makes my wedding the absolutely best day of my life.

As a perfectionist, perfection never existed in my dictionary. She inserted that word into it. I have been working with Linda for a year starting 2017 summer, as soon as we started planning for the wedding. It was daunting for us to make a decision right away on a wedding planner - as the first decision pretty much for our wedding planning. However, not for a second did I regret for that decision throughout the year even till now. That was for sure the best decision I have made for my wedding.

Linda is professional, efficient, organized, smart, consistent and high-performing. Linda impressed me from the first email she sent over. A very organized email with professional standard spreadsheet and timeline definitely put me at peace. I was a management consultant before and I functioned with very high professional standard and efficiency. My biggest concern when I chose my wedding planner was to have someone not organized enough nor not efficient enough to fit my intense workstyle.

Throughout the year, Linda maintained a very high performance and efficiency, and always prioritized my needs and make things happen. For a long time I thought I was her only client because the attention she gave to my case was incredible - I was so surprised to find out that she has so many more clients than just us. Her amazing time management was definitely a fruit of her solid corporate experience. I trust her with all my heart that she won't drop a ball, no matter how tedious and overwhelming the wedding planning work can get. Linda is also a true artist. She has a very unique and high-class taste.

The French touch she brought to the table brought so much highlight to our wedding, but she has a great taste and artistic eye that resonates with my rustic aesthetic appeal. My husband and I are both photographers so we care about aesthetic and artistic expression was very important to us. I honestly never expected myself to find a wedding planner who I could trust fully on her taste, knowing how picky I am and how particular I am about every detail of the wedding. She earned all my trust in no second. Most importantly, Linda becomes one of my best friends now. She is so personal and she loves her job with true passion. I am not just her client that she pleased; she treats me with sincerity and love that I would never ever dream to get from a wedding vendor. That love was proven to be true - even after our contract ends, we still hang out as friends, which kills my concern that maybe she was only nice to me because we are still in a commercial relationship. No. I feel so blessed to have an amazing friend like Linda who works hard, who is responsible, who never gives up, who hopes for the best, who appreciates the beauty and celebrates love with her profession and her whole life.

Linda, you have so much potential as a wedding planner and in whatever career you choose to commit to. Please do love and care for yourself just like you do for all your couples, and take the needed break from time to time. Continue to bring love to other people. No matter how hard life seems to be, as long as we have love, we can go an extra mile. I hope that we will be there for each other, for those extra miles, and for all the journey ahead. - Cindy & Peter